About me

I am a Romanian-born author seasoned in life’s trials of love and tribulations of the traveling heart. A world wide traveler, fluent in three languages. I lived in Germany for over 17 years and moved to Las Vegas in 2011.
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"Just a Monumental Summer"

The book is a story of love, heartbreak and an inevitable growth. It revolves around Mona, a gorgeous woman surrounded by more men than she can want, in the very peak of summer. Used to getting what she wants, coupled with looks and brains to kill for, Mona signs up for a summer job to escape a pressured life and an illicit relationship with a married man.
Mona meets Alin and her life is slowly but seemingly turned around with a rock star romance, yet Mona's desire for true love and happiness is overshadowed by her internal vacuum and struggles.

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What critics say

“M. Schneiders is a gifted writer with the ability to seduce readers with her clear voice, her compelling characters, and a historical setting that is equally interesting with the masterful use of suspense, steamy sex scenes, and intelligent dialogue.”  
Reader’s Favourite. Commited 5 Stars

“M. Schneiders has managed to paint a picture of a world and its people in an effortlessly artful way, with engaging, true characters telling a very heartfelt story.”
Saranya Murth, author of “Burning Houses”

“This novel is as unforgettable as that youthful summer each of us experienced.”
Chris Vonada, author of “The Wellspring of Life”